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The STS "Top 25" rankings, consisting of 10 Kickers, 10 Punters and 5 Snappers, represent the professional opinion of our staff from camps, training and events held throughout the year.  STS considers a prospect's technique, leg strength/snap speed, poise (ability to perform under pressure), size, athleticism, character and potential at the next level.  While our rankings are subjective, camp charting and competition performance weigh heavily in our assessments.  Since 2003, we have trained and evaluated thousands of specialists with more than 300 prospects moving on to the college level.  STS is a valued, reputable resource for college programs in the northeast and beyond.  Recruiting coordinators annually await our prospect list to help fulfill their kicking, punting or snapping needs.  College coaches wishing to receive additional prospect information should contact us at info@stscamps.com or 732-406-6409.  Rankings and ratings are subject to change per camp performance and are updated three times a year following the spring, summer and fall.  Ratings are out of 5 stars. 


(as of 9/1/14)


Ranking          Name                         State    Year

    #1                Michael Caggiano    NJ        2015

    #2                Nick Pritchard           NJ        2015

    #3                Jarry Jones               NJ        2015

    #4                Dereck Deoul           NY        2015

    #5                Zach Kolodony         NY        2015

    #6                Davis Brief                NY        2016

    #7                Ed Mish                     NJ        2015

    #8                Jake Monteiro           NJ        2015

    #9                Gavin Haggerty        NJ         2015

    #10              Leo Vagias               NJ         2015


Ranking        Name                         State    Year

    #1 (Tie)     Dereck Deoul            NY       2015

    #1 (Tie)     Nick Pritchard            NJ        2015

    #3              Davis Brief                NY        2016

    #4              John Bowers             NJ        2015

    #5              Zach Kolodony          NY        2015

    #6              Billy Wagner             NY        2016

    #7              Jarry Jones               NJ        2015

    #8              Michael Caggiano      NJ        2015

    #9              Brian Flood                NJ        2015

    #10            Ed Mish                      NJ        2015



                                                                               Ranking          Name                          State   Year

                                                                                    #1               Carson Vey                 NJ        2015

                                                                                    #2               Chris Sayan                NJ        2015

                                                                                    #3               Jordan Laube             NY        2015

                                                                                    #4               James Bedell              NJ        2015

                                                                                    #5               Vito Nucci                    NJ        2016

ALSO RECEIVING VOTES:  Nick Banta K NJ 2015, Justin Davidovicz K/P NJ 2017, Pat Davis K NJ 2016, Bronson Deckert K NJ 2015, Joe DeFilippo K NJ 2015, Joe DeLeone LS NJ 2016, Larry Eimer K/P NJ 2016, Travis Feather K NJ 2015, Jacob Geiger K PA 2015, David Gelb K/P NJ 2018, Kevin Gilmore K/P NJ 2016, Michael Juliano K NJ 2016, Sean Mills LS NJ 2016, Kristian Olsen K PA 2016, Hayden Panagos LS NJ 2016, Anthony Popolo LS NJ 2015, Joe Rice K/P NJ 2016, Jon Ryker K NJ 2016, Anthony Scher LS NJ 2015, Alex Sempervive LS NJ 2015, Gerard Smith K NY 2015, Todd Spirt K NJ 2016, Jon Sot K NJ 2018, Jake Vogel LS NJ 2015.